ISBN 9788126535170,The Alchemy Of Finance

The Alchemy Of Finance



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788126535170

ISBN-10 8126535172

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Finance & accounting

George Soros is unquestionably the most powerful and profitable investor in the world today. Dubbed by BusinessWeek as "The Man Who Moves Markets," Soros has made a billion dollars going up against the British pound. Soros is not merely a man of finance, but a thinker to reckon with as well. In the Alchemy of Finance, Soros presents a theoretical and practical account of current financial trends. Details his innovative investment practices along with his views of the world and world order. President of the phenomenally successful Quantum Fund, which has 4.2 billion in net assets, Soros describes his ``theory of reflexivity'' which underlies his unique investment strategies. The original edition, published in 1987 has been updated with an expanded Preface and Introduction lending Soros' timeless principles a modern context. Finally, the book features a section that details the secrets of Soros's success as told by the author. Key Features: LEARNING FROM AN INVESTMENT GOD: Soros is unquestionably one of the most powerful and profitable investors in the world today, and his investment principles have only grown in popularity. In Alchemy of Finance, Soros reveals the strategies that have served him over the last few decades. TIMELESS PRINCIPLES: Soros's investment strategies are timeless and his writings considered seminal. Barton Biggs of Morgan Stanley considers Soros to be the finest analyst of the world in our time. GUEST FOREWORD BY PAUL VOLCKER.UPDATED: The re-release details the secrets of the mega-investor's success within the new and expanded Preface and Introduction. NEWLY DESIGNED: The package is newly designed and relaunched as part of Wiley's Investment Classics Series