ISBN 9789350290972,The Ambassador's Club : The Indian Diplomat At Large

The Ambassador's Club : The Indian Diplomat At Large



HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350290972

ISBN-10 9350290979


Number of Pages 344 Pages
Language (English)

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The Ambassador's Club shows the Indian Foreign Services in a different light. With a sense of observation and considerable writing skills, this book shows the Indian envoy playing protector, negotiator and guide in places far way like Fiji and Chile. There are times when they cannot follow the rules and adhere to diplomatic niceties, but instead use their common sense. Summary of the Book In the year 1972, Idi Amin, the dictator of Uganda, gave orders that all Asians who are holding the citizenship of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or UK need to be sent out of the country. During this time Niranjan Desai, an officer from India on special duty, had the worst five months as he tried helping people who were going to leave attachments and possessions behind not knowing what the future held for them. As he watched people vanish over night and his own life was put at risk, he realized that rules and regulations are secondary and help guide people when they are under stress. He learnt that it is common sense that counts. About the Author Krishna V. Rajan is a retired diplomat and a former member of the Indian Foreign Service. He served people in senior diplomatic assignments, including as the ambassador of France, US, UK, Zambia, Algeria and Nepal. He is presently the Chairman of International Trade and Exhibitions India (ITEI).