ISBN 9788192851884,The Angel Love and My Broken Promises

The Angel Love and My Broken Promises



Omji Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788192851884

ISBN-10 8192851885


Number of Pages 184 Pages
Language (English)


He never loved her but never hated her too. He never cared for her but never ignored too. He never liked the fact that she loved him but at the same time he never wanted to lose a friend like Nidhi. Then what made them run away from each other? When jay needed someone very badly, destiny got Nidhi back in his life. She did everything for him without any expectation and this time Jay tells a lie to her, just to not to hurt her again. He tells I Love You Nidhi for the first time. He makes a promise to himself to keep the girl happy forever. Will he be able to keep his own promise? Will he ever fall in love with Nidhi? What if Nidhi finds the truth of Jays lie? Will they be together forever? Or, Destiny has something else in its black box? The triangle between Jay, Nidhi and Destiny. The story of an Angel - The angel love.
About the Author
Kundan Jha Vidyarthy is a resident of Kolkata, west Bengal. He is basically from Madhubani, Bihar. He did his schooling from Bihar and came to Kolkata for graduation. He is an author of three unpublished book and working on his fourth fiction novel. At the same time he love writing poems and songs in Hindi too. He has written almost 130 poems altogether till date