ISBN 9789380637037,The Arakiel Diamond

The Arakiel Diamond



Ponytale Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380637037

ISBN-10 9380637039


Language (English)


The Arakiel Diamond-a family heirloom-is stolen from the safe the night its rightful owner, Joseph Arakiel, dies of a sudden heart attack... Apparently many people were in and out of the room that night-the watchman, the tenants, Joseph's nephew Harry and his wife Susan, niece Hasmik, the maid--to name just a few. Tired of the dilly-dallying of the police, Hasmik decided to take the help of the Third Eye, a detective agency run by Mitin and her niece Tupur, who have recently shot into fame by solving quite a few mysterious cases. As Mitin investigates, she discovers the puzzling fact that nearly all of them had the chance of taking the diamond. And what's more, all of them had a motive as well! Does the Third Eye succeed in tracking down the real culprit? And retrieve the missing diamond?