ISBN 9780007920693,The Art Of Rhetoric

The Art Of Rhetoric




Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780007920693

ISBN-10 0007920695


Number of Pages 320 Pages
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Aristotle's writings on the art of persuasion, entitled Rhetorica, comprise some of the greatest writings on the subject of public speaking and plainly convincing people. Debate and oration became some of Ancient Greece's most important art forms, and politicians and ordinary citizens flocked to develop skills in this subject. The Rhetorica is the first and considered by many as the greatest work on the Rhetoric ever penned. Aristotle was the master of winning souls through conversation and this book teaches readers his methods and views on the subject. Defining rhetoric the counterpart of dialectic, Aristotle explains the similarities and goes on to show how persuasion can be artistic or inartistic. Further, he explains how orators can mould their audiences' emotions with their words and herd them to their side, and ultimately win them over. Ethics and emotions play large roles in Aristotle's treatment of the subject and he insists that it is largely up to the conscience of the speaker to judge which to choose when convincing the audience of a particular viewpoint. Although penned several thousand years ago, Aristotle's work has become known as the primary discourse on the topic and all following works have been regarded as mere additions or annotations of his original work. About Aristotle Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, teacher and scientist. A student at Plato's academy, he founded his own school, the Lyceum. He is considered by many as the first scientist, and was the teacher of Alexander of Macedon. His works on the Nicomachian Ethics, The Metaphysics, Logic, Analytics, and Physics have shaped the field of science for millennia.