ISBN 9788122313604,The Art of Sensitive Parenting

The Art of Sensitive Parenting


Amita Govinda


Pustak Mahal



Pustak Mahal

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788122313604

ISBN-10 8122313604

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Number of Pages 199 Pages
Language (English)


Samvedana is the Hindi derivative from its Sanskrit root Sam-vedana, meaning feeling with deep sensitivity. This book uses the concept of Samvedana to underline the obligation of sensitive parenting and calls for creating an adult-child relationship of 'feeling together' in favour of the growing child. It opens up the child's world to the adult. In doing so, it provides simple but valuable suggestions to parents and teachers in handling children in early stages of schooling.
The book invites parents to enjoy the fascinating journey of childhood and to relive it with the growing child. It thus evokes the samvedana of parenting to understand children's perspectives in a sensitive manner, to listen to their side of the story, to be open to learn from them and to discover the profoundness of the inner child beyond what seems like flippant, external childishness. It encourages parents and teachers to be attuned to the growing child's cognitive, social and emotional needs.
All parents look for scientific but simple and easy to understand advice from real life. This is precisely what the book attempts to do! Indeed, the most striking feature of the book is its simple style and language. It avoids unnecessary theory and technical jargon. Built mainly on real life cases from their own surroundings, it has ready appeal to parents and teachers alike.

About the Author: Amita Govinda

Amita Govinda holds Masters Degrees in Sociology and Education, and a Ph.D. from M.S. University of Baroda. The focus of her work for the past four decades has been on creating caring classrooms with the use of innovative pedagogies through teaching and training educators. She has conducted extensive field studies in early childhood and primary education in urban and rural areas of India. She has recently published Training Handbook and Activity Bank for Pre School Education Programme