ISBN 9780007420124,The Art Of War

The Art Of War


Sun Tzu


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780007420124

ISBN-10 0007420129


Number of Pages 120 Pages
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Around 600 BCE, the King of Wu was approached by a man named Sun Tzu who boasted of having great knowledge on warfare. The King was unimpressed with Sun Tzu and desired to put him to a test. Sun Tzu agreed and then asked the King to name his conditions. The King ordered Sun Tzu to train the royal concubines. Sun Tzu would have to train them to become soldiers. Sun Tzu divided the girls into two squads and appointed two of the king's favourites as the commanders. He explained that they were to obey his command and ordered them to turn right. The girls laughed in response. Sun Tzu calmly replied that if the commands are not clear then it is only the fault of the general. He repeated his commands and the girls giggled again. Sun Tzu immediately ordered the execution of the two commanders, justifying this by saying that if the orders are clear and still disobeyed then it is the fault of the commanders. The King stopped him and said he was impressed but did not want his favourites killed. Sun Tzu thanked him but replied that only a general controls the fates of his soldiers and not the sovereign. He immediately had the two concubines killed. The King handed over the reins of the army to Sun Tzu, who led them to many victories. Later in his life, he wrote his edicts into a book which explains how a general must manage an army. It gives details of everything from the money it takes to manage a horde of elephants to the problems of laying siege. In doing so it has become the definitive book on war. About Sun Tzu Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher who is said to have lived in the Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China. His actual existence is the subject of much debate and speculation.