ISBN 9781851682096,The Bah Faith: A Short Introduction

The Bah Faith: A Short Introduction


Moojan Momen



Oneworld Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781851682096

ISBN-10 1851682090


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Faith healing & religious therapy

This book offers a clear, readable a informative introduction to all aspects of this fast growing faith, the youngest of the world religions and the second most widespread after Christianity. From its teachings on the spiritual development of the individual to the BahaI belief in the oneness of all religions and the need for world peace, Moojan Momens comprehensive study features discussion of : Personal Spirituality.

Family and community life
worship and festivals
social theological teachings
The Baha I world today.

The Baha'i Faith: A Short Introduction gives anyone interested in the contemporary religious landscape an authoritative insight into this 150 year tradition, whose spiritual and social teachings are so much in tune with the concerns of today.

About the Author
Dr Moojan Momen is a widely published author in the field of world religions. Also published by Oneworld is Momens The Phenomenon of Religion, an ambitious thematic study into the role of religion in our lives. His Introduction to Shii Islam (Yale) has become a leading reference work.

Table of Contents
The Individual
The Family
Global Concerns
The BahaI Community
BahaI Laws
Theological Teachings
The History of the BahaI Faith
The BahaI world today