ISBN 9788184049480,The Balancing Act: Know Your Heart

The Balancing Act: Know Your Heart



Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788184049480

ISBN-10 818404948X


Number of Pages 368 Pages
Language (English)

Biography: science, technology & medicine

It never occurred to me that I will write and publish a book. Today here I am, with my second book "The Balancing Act -Know Your Heart". My books are the result of my day-to-day interaction with my patients as a family physician, their anxiety and fears regarding their health problems, for the last forty years. Overall one finds that the lifestyles of different strata of society have changed a lot, along with their food habits, irrespective of the income groups that they belong to. This has resulted in an increase in Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity and its related problems and Heart Diseases in all age groups of men, women and also children. Stress at the workplace, lack of exercise, too much of partying, consumption of fast food or junk food containing lot of saturated and trans fat, alcohol, smoking, depression, obesity, problems created by one's own behavior and nature are some of the major causes of health disorders today. In my first book "The Balancing Act- a Win over Obesity", I have explained the causes of Obesity, the related problems on health, the various effective methods of controlling it for concerned patients and Practicing Therapists. In the second book "The Balancing Act-Know Your Heart", I have given a detailed basic information about the Heart, its functions, the risk factors leading to Heart Diseases and preventive measures. I have also tried to explain the Investigations like D-Echocardiogram, Angiography and treatments like Angioplasty and Coronary Artery Bypass in a simple step-by-step way, all in simple terminology. This I am sure, the affected persons as well as their family members will understand easily and it will give them a positive outlook to the situation. Surprisingly, I find that most of the people in this day and age, are either misinformed or unaware about the basics of health problems and precautionary and preventive measures. Everyone wants to live a 'good life' but should it be at the cost of a 'healthy life'? It is now time we decide and know what is a 'good life'. I hope my efforts in writing these books will help people to make the right choice and lead a healthy life heartily. Dr. Girish Gadkari. M.B.,B.S. (Mumbai) E-mail: About The Author Dr. Girish Gadkari, who graduated in medicine in 1966 from Grant Medical College, Mumbai is presently a popular and most sought after Medical Therapist for Obesity and Cardiac Lifestyle. Beginning his medical career with his own Family Practice in 1972, he became deeply concerned about the growing obesity problems among his patients. This prompted him to start his Obesity Clinic in 1982 in Mumbai. Soon he became one of the first Indian Allopath to have a computerized clinic in 1984. The continuous research and use of comprehensive software for Obesity and Cardiac Lifestyle make him a pioneer in the field. He has influenced the lives of innumerable patients with complete and positive health turnarounds for over 25 years. His first book, 'The Balancing Act - A Win over Obesity' received appreciation of the august gathering of eminent doctors in the European Conference on Obesity in Athens, Greece in 2005. A translation of the same in Hungarian language is awaited. The growing heart problems regardless of age and sex are a major concern the world over. "The Balancing Act-Know Your Heart" explains the working of the heart and its related issues. Dr. Gadkari makes it look so simple with apt examples from day to day lives of common people. His wry humour, like a pinch of salt makes it a delectable reading, simplifying the otherwise scary procedures of heart surgeries. The common man is mostly in the dark about his heart and its working, its ailments and treatments. Dr.Girish Gadkari writes this book with a view to help the patients with cardiac problems and the associate stress, enabling them to lead a healthy life. Dr. Girish Gadkari is the founder Vice President of Association of Advanced Research in Obesity which is the Indian association of consultants in Obesity.