ISBN 9780143330349,The Battle For No. 19

The Battle For No. 19



Penguin Books India (Penguin)

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780143330349

ISBN-10 0143330349


Number of Pages 182 Pages
Language (English)

Suspense and Thriller

‘It was coming! Any second now—the terrifying sound of stampeding feet, the mob’s discordant cacophony, windows shattering, doors splintering and that unholy chant . . .’ Eight schoolgirls from the hills on a tour of Agra, drive into Delhi the day Indira Gandhi is assassinated. They run into a violent, crazed mob that pulls their jovial old driver Kartar Singh out and slays him brutally. In a blazing city lashed by violence, the girls flee to seek refuge. They find it—in an elegant and apparently empty house—but is it safe? Its gallery of forbidding masks and medieval weapons is alarming enough, but worse, it is a house marked by the vicious mob because it belongs to a rich Sikh family with two children. In an adventure gone dreadfully wrong, all that the girls can think of is going home, but the vengeful enemy is right at the door! Led by sixteen-year-old Puja, a masterful archer but with her own personal demons to fight, the girls have to tackle one threat after another, including a chicken thief in their midst. Mustering their wisdom, stealth, cunning and courage, they valiantly keep their conscienceless attackers at bay—until they are finally plunged into a quandary where there is only hair’s breadth between killing and being killed. A gripping and powerful story, The Battle for No. 19 highlights the moral dilemmas of young people in today’s world—where violence erupts round every corner, and the line between right and wrong runs dangerously thin.