ISBN 9781471401060,The Beautiful and the Cursed

The Beautiful and the Cursed


Page Morgan


Hot Keys Books



Hot Keys Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781471401060

ISBN-10 1471401065


Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

Love and Romance

Ingrid Waverley is a young woman to be reckoned with. Faced with her brother's mysterious disappearance after an abrupt move to Paris, she is determined to discover what has happened to him. Soon she and her sister Gabriella are drawn into a Parisian underworld more terrifying than they could ever have imagined, but watching over them are two impossible (and impossibly handsome) young men. Luc is a 'Dispossessed', an ancient gargoyle whose sworn duty it is to protect the humans who inhabit his abbey. Nolan has secrets of his own too. He is a member of the Alliance -a shadowy group dedicated to keeping Paris safe from the demonic forces that threaten to destroy it. Secrets, danger and hidden powers stalk the girls in this beautifully imagined paranormal romance that will keep readers gripped from beginning to end -and one thing is for sure you'll never look at a gargoyle in the same way again...