ISBN 9780965095822,The Bliss Of Freedom A Contemporary Mystic`S Enlightening Journey

The Bliss Of Freedom A Contemporary Mystic`S Enlightening Journey


Yogi Impressions



Yogi Impressions

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9780965095822

ISBN-10 0965095827


Number of Pages 249 Pages
Language (English)

Bible readings, selections & meditations

"The Bliss of Freedom is a celebration of life... a glimpse of the potential and possibilities for us all, here, now." - John Bradshaw

Master Charles Cannon, the Modern Mystic, is known worldwide as a master of meditation, contemporary spiritual visionary and holistic educator. His mystical awakening began to unfold in his childhood and has continued throughout his life. In 1970, while still in his early twenties, he traveled to India where he became one of the closest Western disciples of Paramahansa Muktananda.

The Bliss of Freedom is the thrilling account of a young man's journey on a path thousands have attempted but few have ever completed. Over the course of twelve years spent in India with Muktananda, he was fully instructed in the Eastern mystical tradition. His training included the literally hair-raising experience of the Opening of the Third Eye, a major milestone in spiritual evolution. As genuine mystical illumination continued to unfold, he recognized his destiny as a bridge across two different cultures - bringing home to the West the experiential understand that freedom, peace and bliss are our true nature and the birthright of every human being.

Master Charles is recognized worldwide as the originator of a contemporary context of meditation, the Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation Experience. His seeming departure from the traditional context of meditation in favor of a contemporary approach has made him one of the most challenging spiritual leaders of our time.