ISBN 9789339205058,The Brain Bible: How To Stay Vital, Productive, And Happy For A Lifetime

The Brain Bible: How To Stay Vital, Productive, And Happy For A Lifetime



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789339205058

ISBN-10 9339205057


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)

General analytical philosophy

Sharpen Your Brain is a practical self-help book based on recent developments in neuroscience that shows readers step by step how to improve their brains based on well-researched scientific discoveries. Sharpen Your Brain is targeted at the 77 million health-conscious American baby boomers wishing to thrive from middle age into the senior years while achieving optimum experiences and effectiveness at home and at work. Sharpen Your Brain outlines how we can apply the new discoveries in neuroscience, such as neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, for more energy, focus and happiness. Using the latest research, leading brain scientist and clinician Dr. John Arden will share the latest discoveries about the middle-aged brain while offering a formula that prescribes how to rewire the boomer brain for long-term health and vitality. Written in a popular self-help style, Sharpen Your Brain includes lots of anecdotes and stories in addition to the scientific breakthroughs, these stories personalize specific life challenges and are augmented by practical action steps and exercises that anyone can put into practice. The book is aimed primarily at the general self-help audience but will also include material on dealing with careers and finance. Table of Contents: Acknowledgments Preface Part One: The Good News About Your Brain Chapter 1: Brain Bible Basics Chapter 2: Brain Research Breakthroughs Part Two: The Brain Bible Program Chapter 3: The Education Factor Chapter 4: The Diet Factor Chapter 5: The Exercise Factor Chapter 6: The Social Factor Chapter 7: The Sleep Factor Part Three: Putting it All Together Chapter 8: Moderate Your Stress Chapter 9: The Brain Bible Seven-Day Jump Start Notes Index