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The Bro Code


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Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781439110003

ISBN-10 143911000X


Number of Pages 195 Pages
Language (English)

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Tells The Fascinating Story Of The Anglo-Indian Community Through Profiles Of Some Of The Community'S Most Extraordinary Men And Women. The Anglo-Indian Way Attempts To Tell The Story Of The Anglo-Indians Through Those Of Some Of The Community'S Most Interesting And Extraordinary Men And Women. In A Series Of Essays Written By A Host Of Writers, The Lives Of These Personalities Are Described Lucidly, And With Warmth And Honesty. Each Of These People Stayed And Worked In India, And With Their Determination, Enthusiasm And Joie De Vivre, They Have All Been Active Participants In The Progress Of The Country In Countless Ways. From Henry Derozio And Frank Anthony To Ruskin Bond And Diana Hayden, The Book Is About People Who Excelled In All Walks Of Life As Leaders, Politicians, Police Officers, Actors, Teachers, Jockeys, Sportsmen, Engine Drivers, Writers, Quizmasters And Many More. As A Chronicle Of A Community, The Anglo-Indian Way Is Necessary; As A Record Of Life Stories, It Is Inspiring; And As A Glimpse Of History As It Was Being Lived, It Is Invaluable. About The Author Errol O'Brien Grew Up In Kolkata. He Worked In The Tea Industry And Retired As Chief Tea Taster And Buyer Of The Tea Trading Corporation Of India. He Has Been An Active Quizzer And Quizmaster. He Has Also Coached Students In Public Speaking. His Articles On Tea Have Been Published In The Statesman And He Wrote A Column For The Telegraph, Kolkata. He Has Written Two Books: The Tree Of Knowledge And Amar Calcutta, My Kolkata.