ISBN 9781416526636,The Brother Of Fire

The Brother Of Fire



Simon And Schuster India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781416526636

ISBN-10 1416526633


Number of Pages 432 Pages
Language (English)


Thamos, Count of Thebes, one of the last members of a spiritual brotherhood Category: Fiction keeping alive the secrets of the pharaohs, has been assigned the mission to find and protect the 'Great Magician', a genius whose works will save humanity. Believing that he has found the One in popular young musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, he succeeds in initiating him in the Masonic rites inspired by the Egyptian Great Mysteries. Now Mozart has thrown himself into the rituals, in which he finds inspiration for two new operas - Figaro and Don Giovanni. In love and the father of a young son, Mozart's career is advancing nicely, the commissions keep flowing in and famous singers knock on his door . . . until new menaces cast a shadow over his future. Menace from the powers-that-be, fear the influence of the Masonic Lodges and put them under police surveillance; Menace too from jealous musicians - such as Salieri, who makes an attempt to sabotage Mozart's concerts. Mozart resists and fights back, but will he manage to survive when the greater threat of war with the Ottoman Empire draws near? About the Author Born in Paris in 1947, Christian Jacq is one of the world's leading Egyptologists. He is the author of many novels on Ancient Egypt, including the bestselling RAMSES series and THE MYSTERIES OF OSIRIS series. His novels have sold more than 27 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 30 languages. Christian Jacq lives in Switzerland.