ISBN 9788170291657,The C Odyssey - Vol. III UNIX

The C Odyssey - Vol. III UNIX


Vijay Mukhi


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788170291657

ISBN-10 8170291658


Language (English)

General studies

Summary Of The Book

C is a programming language originally developed at AT&T Bell Labs. It is one of the most portable and frequently used languages. Languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, and PHP have borrowed concepts and structure from C. Over time, many versions of the C language have been developed. The current version being used in C11. UNIX is an operating system that works with C.

The C Odyssey - Vol 3 UNIX is ideal for individuals who want to learn about the C programming language. The text provides beginners with a thorough background on the subject. Starting the with philosophy of C, this volume will take students into the depths of the UNIX operating system. Students will get a thorough understanding about how C operates under various systems such as DOS, OS/2, Unix, Windows, and with other relational databases. It also contains in depth explanations, and many small programs, to help students grasp the concept of C. The end goal is reached with a detailed study into courses, and the graphical nature of UNIX. It also covers data structures such as ustat, bit control, suid, file, record level locking, shared memory, message queues, and semaphores.

The text begins with an Introduction, then proceeds to chapters titled On Files, Unix: The Multi tasking Operating System, Communicating Across Process, Unix: The Multi User Operating System, The Leftovers On Curses, and Perspectives 1991.

The book is written in an easy and readable language and is useful for people who are already knowledgeable about the C language as well as for those who are going to learn the programming language. The C Odyssey - Vol. 3 UNIX was published in 2004 by Bpb.

About Vijay Mukhi

Vijay Mukhi is an author and celebrated pioneer of the Infotech Industry in India.

He has authored over eighty texts. Some of these titles include, Xml Web Services And Soap, C# The Basics, Wml And Wml Script, C# The Nuts And Bolts, and Writing Visual Basic Control Using Visual C++.

Mukhi’s text is written in a way that removes the complexities away from the topic. His text includes concepts which are explained via small programs.

He has remained at the forefront of teaching new technologies, making sure that Indians are always up to date. Mukhi is currently focusing on writing volumes about Microsoft’s. Net technology. He has written more than 80 books on programming with topics ranging from C++, to Animation and ERP.