ISBN 9788170291671,The C Odyssey - Vol. V C++ & Graphics

The C Odyssey - Vol. V C++ & Graphics


Vijay Mukhi


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788170291671

ISBN-10 8170291674


Language (English)

General studies

C is what is the world is breathing today. And book on C are filling book shelves like believers converging on a holy bank. But here’s a pilgrimage that’s a different king if voyage. The C Odyssey .Written in a easy . riverting and readable style, the book touches height that few have reached, and offers insights that nobody has divined.   The C Odyssey is for those who’d like to learn C and for those who have learnt C. Garnished with smll programs . followed by in –depth explanations, the journey takes the beginner by the hand.breaking him into the mold, taking him up to a point , and letting him free to explore on his own .The platform covered is wide and diverse. From C under DOS to C under UNIX,Windows, OS/2, and its interfaces with networking and relational databases. The Odyssey has a seven stop itinerary.Unserialized and distinct,but threaded by thin silken bonds to each other. The saga is a lengthy one. Through lands that have been visited separately before. Speaking the same language from different podiums,they abet an undisrupted flow of thought.   Odyssey 5 :C++ & Graphics:The Future of C   Today as developments in language and languages and techniques move in quantum leaps and bounds,the spotlighdtd is steadily zeroing in on objects and object –oriented programming. For those family entrenched in world of yore,for those afraid to reach out and embrace the new,the realm of C++,would seem like an esoteric and misty world,but for the adventurous, for the man unafraid of the challenge of change, the field is full of potential. Two abstract themes have been combined in this volume for unrestrained journey of the mind. C++ the axis that the computer world spins around today, has been unravelled in the most simplistic and down –to –earth fashion.Concepts like polymorphism and member pointers, and sensible ideas like classes and inheritances have been painted in the most unambiguous hues.   The other half of the flight into fantasy deals with the magic of color and picture,Harnessing the exotic Graphics library that C owns, the reader is taken on long and happy tryst with the world of imagination.   Table of Contents   Introduction   Section 1 :Object Oriented Programming With C++   C++, Extensions to C   Object Oriented Programming   The Laws of Inheritances   Streams   Building Classes –The Windows Class   Building Classes – The String Class   Advanced C++   Perspectives 1991     Section 2 : Graphics And C   Getting Started   About Color   Lines and More   The Turning Point (Curves and Related Objects   Drawings and Filling Images   Text etc.    Pixels and Dots and Lots    AL