ISBN 9788131728963,The C# Programming Language 3E

The C# Programming Language 3E




Pearson India



Pearson India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788131728963

ISBN-10 813172896X


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 784 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

C# is now firmly established as the most-used language when writing applications for Windows and the Microsoft platform. Written by the language's architect, Anders Hejlsberg, and design team members, and now updated for C# 3.0, The C# Programming Language, 3/e, is the definitive technical reference for C#. It provides the most complete specification of the languages, along with descriptions, reference materials, and code samples from the C# design team. For the first time, this edition also adds valuable notes, comments, and tips from seven of the world's top C# programmers, including Don Box, Chris Sells, Jesse Liberty, Fritz Onion, and Brad Abrams. It has been brought fully up to date with the new features of C# 3.0, especially LINQ - Language Integrated Query. LINQ is a new tool which allows developers to access data from any database using the same means, and has created a great deal of interest by its promise of simplifying the development of data-driven applications. This book is a must-have for any developer using C# on a regular basis. For Sale in Indian subcontinent only Features New to this edition - insightful, valuable annotations from eleven leading C# programmers, available nowhere else Fully updated for the changes to C# 3.0, especially LINQ C# has become the most widely used language for Windows development Anders Hejlsberg is the creator of C#, and a true legend among programmers Contents Introduction Lexical Structure Basic Concepts Types Variables Conversions Expressions Statements Namespaces Classes Structs Arrays Interfaces Enums Delegates Exceptions Attributes Unsafe Code