ISBN 9781784700522,The Camomile Lawn

The Camomile Lawn


Mary Wesley


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781784700522

ISBN-10 1784700525


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

"I would give myself, darling, if it would do any good, but who am I? I love money and a good time, Im enjoying the war, I find it exciting and frightening. I enjoy the raids, I like all the men taking me out. Behind the large house, the fragrant camomile lawn stretches down to the Cornish cliffs. Here, in the dizzying heat of August 1939, five cousins have gathered at their aunts house for their annual ritual of a holiday. For most of them it is the last summer of their youth, with the heady exhilarations and freedoms of lost innocence, as well as the fears of the coming war. The Camomile Lawn moves from Cornwall to London and back again, over the years, telling the stories of the cousins, their family and their friends, united by shared losses and lovers, by family ties and the absurd conditions imposed by war as their paths cross and recross over the years. Mary Wesley presents an extraordinarily vivid and lively picture of wartime London: the rationing, imaginatively circumvented; the fallen houses; the parties, the new-found comforts of sex, the desperate humour of survival - all of it evoked with warmth, clarity and stunning wit. And through it all, the cousins and their friends try to hold on to the part of themselves that laughed and played dangerous games on that camomile lawn.