ISBN 9788186299777,The Chemistry Of Process Development

The Chemistry Of Process Development



Asian Books Private Ltd

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788186299777

ISBN-10 8186299777

Hard Back

Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 1328 Pages
Language (English)


In fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry not only individual organic reactions but also the overall processes have to be optimized on an increasing scale with respect to cost-effectiveness, safety and atom economy. This book aims to elaborate on the various chemical strategies available for this purpose. It is meant to be useful to development chemists in R&D divisions of chemical industry, to process research chemists and to basic research chemists, with a passion to improve atom economy in organic reactions. The present structuring of the topic is aimed at stimulating their interest in critical areas of process development.

The Chemistry of Process Development in Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Industry brings together various chemical strategies used in the optimization of organic reactions and processes, and highlights the practical and technological option available. Examples are given to illustrate the scope and limitation of these strategies.