ISBN 9788184151725,The Complete Meditator (With VCD) - The Definitive Source book.

The Complete Meditator (With VCD) - The Definitive Source book.





Tej Gyan Founadation

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788184151725

ISBN-10 8184151721


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Body, Mind & Spirit/Meditation

This is a practical handbook on meditation with an audio CD inside. Just as you can't learn swimming only by reading a book on swimming, similarly you don't get the benefits of meditation, you don't get absorbed in meditation, by only reading a book on meditation. Therefore practice is a must. This workbook shall help you practise and record your experiences. There are 34 meditation practices, 5 written exercises, and 11 contemplation quotes ? making it a total of 50 consciousness elevation tools in this book. Each tool is important and takes you to a higher state of mind. About the Author Sirshree?s spiritual quest, which began during his childhood, led him on a journey through various schools of thought and meditation practices. The overpowering desire to attain the truth made him relinquish his teaching job. After a long period of contemplation, his spiritual quest ended with the attainment of the ultimate truth. Sirshree says, ?All paths that lead to the truth begin differently, but end in the same way?with understanding. Understanding is the whole thing. Listening to this understanding is enough to attain the truth.?