ISBN 9789381688274,The Complete Sherlock Holmes: All the 56 Stories and 4

The Complete Sherlock Holmes: All the 56 Stories and 4



Future Achievement International

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381688274

ISBN-10 9381688273


Language (English)
221 B Baker Street. When Dr. James Watson agreed to meet the tenant in order to come to some cohabitation agreement, he had already been warned that the man was eccentric. However, the word eccentric falls short in describing the experience that is Sherlock Holmes. A self-professed private detective, Sherlock Holmes, is often visited by clients who seek his help in strange cases of all kinds. However, Sherlock doesn’t take any case he gets. No, this nicotine addict gets his kicks from only the most nerve-rankling of cases, ones that often involve murder or crimes most macabre. He asks Watson to join him as he unravels the threads behind these cases using his unique “science of deduction”. In the process, Watson begins to understand that there might not be any mystery that Sherlock Holmes cannot solve.
About Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a Scottish writer and physician best known for his mystery novels and short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes. He is also famous for his Professor Challenger series detailed in: The Lost World, The Poison Belt and The Land of Mist.
Doyle studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh. He was knighted in 1902 by King Edward for his services as a volunteer doctor in the Langman Field Hospital at Bloemfontein between March and June 1900.