ISBN 9789384061296,The Complete Wealth Guide for Doctors

The Complete Wealth Guide for Doctors



Network 18 Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384061296

ISBN-10 9384061298

Hard Back

Number of Pages 204 Pages
Language (English)
Earning money is the relatively easy part; but most will agree that managing it and making it grow is a totally different ball game altogether, more so for medical practitioners. While toggling between their practices and home life, managing money comes low on their list of priorities, usually for want of time but quite often due to lack of interest and understanding. It is, nevertheless, a crucial exercise as it could make the difference between ‘hard-earned wealth’ and ‘smartly-earned wealth’. The Complete Wealth Guide for Doctors is based on real life financial experiences of doctors and counsels them on how they can become more financially savvy. Covering everything, from creating a SMART plan and understanding your risk appetite to actually creating a portfolio and managing it, this book could become a veritable ‘Canon of Finance’ for doctors. Written in simple and lucid term, it specifically addresses medical practitioners, giving them tips on how to minimise their tax liabilities and advises on the need for various types of insurance, including professional indemnity, which is becoming increasingly crucial for doctors today.It’s a ‘must have’ reference guide on the library shelves of any successful doctor as it will never loses its relevance, even as time goes by.