ISBN 9788121502351,The Concept Of Indian Literature

The Concept Of Indian Literature



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1979

ISBN 9788121502351

ISBN-10 8121502357

Hard Back

Number of Pages 283 Pages
Language (English)

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This book offers a comprehensive as well as intensive scrutiny of the concept of Indian Literature. In a world which is shrinking fast and in which the notion of world literature is itself a compelling need a national literature has to be envisaged in clear outline. Unifying forces like those of the modern and the new poetic consciousness are making a perceptible impact on world literature. The mutual impact of East and West itself brings out in sharp relief the unity of World Literature. Starting with the idea of a federal political structure and the imprint it leaves on national literature, a comparison is instituted here between American and Indian Literature on the one hand and Indian and Russian literature on the other and the unique character of Indian Literature underlined in this way. The reader is invited to consider a new academic discipline under literature, -the unity of World Literature from an Indian standpoint.