ISBN 9788121501149,The Culture And Art Of India

The Culture And Art Of India

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ISBN 9788121501149
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ISBN 9788121501149

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1984

ISBN 9788121501149

ISBN-10 8121501148

Hard Back

Number of Pages 434 Pages
Language (English)

The Arts

Every Indian is proud of India's art and culture. He shall wax eloquent on how it has assimilated the invader, and how they lost their own identities and became Indians. But if asked what exactly brought about this metamorphosis, he is bound to struggle for an answer; for the history he has read had enlightened him about the rise and fall of many dynasties both Indian and foreign-but kept him almost dark on their artistic and cultural achievements. Thus the catalytic agent responsible for this unusual phenomenon eluded his grasp. This book The Culture and Art of India by Radhakamal Mukerjee, answers the long felt need for a work on India's art and culture in a lucid style. It brings in perfect focus that, 'the state, politics, and conquest are far less significant in India than metaphysics, religion, myth and art as factors in social integration and it is these that have welded middle, East and South-East Asia for several centuries into one spiritual community. Contents Preface Introduction: The spirit of Indian civilization 1. The culture of the Indus 2. The culture of the Sarasvati 3. The Mahabharata: continent, culture and literature 4. The first reformation: Ajivikism, Jainism and Buddhism 5. The secularism and universalism of the Maurya renaissance 6. Humanism in early Buddhist art 7. The tolerance and cosmopolitanism of the Sunga renaissance 8. The second reformation: the transformation f Buddhism into a world religion 9. The classic perfection and splendour of the Gupta renaissance 10. Life and learning at the Buddhist universities 11. Buddhism as the builder of Asian unity 12. Colonial culture and art: India of the islands 13. The golden age of Indian art: from Gupta classicism and humanism to medieval romanticism and cosmism 14. The third reformation: the rise of Sankara Vedanta 15. The Tantrika synthesis and its triumph: from Vajra to Sahaja, from Yoga to Karuna 16. The warlike chivalry and glamour of the Rajput renaissance 17. The fourth reformation: the Bhakti and Sufi movements as bridges between Hinduism and Islam 18. The eclecticism and humanism of Mughal culture and art 19. The resurgence of Hinduism 19. The liberalism and idealism of the Indo-British renaissance Time-chart of Indian civilization