ISBN 9789350291245,The Dancing Boy

The Dancing Boy



HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789350291245

ISBN-10 935029124X


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)

19th century fiction

In the sleepy by-lanes of 1980s' Calcutta, a young boy spends hours in front of the mirror, draped in his mother's saris, his face layered with make-up, as he dances and twirls around the room. Often, when he dances, he catches a glimpse of a face that is his and not quite his. His mother is ashamed of her effeminate son; his friends tease him about his eccentricities; and Moyur grows up an unwitting outcast, misunderstood by all but his friend and neighbour, Jonali. Sensitive and evocative, this promising debut novel tells the story of Moyur, the boy who never quite fits in, and that of his twin sister Moyna, who died before she was born.

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