ISBN 9788170297291,The Data Compression Book

The Data Compression Book


Aaron Nelson


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788170297291

ISBN-10 817029729X


Language (English)

General studies

Described by Jeff Prosise of PC Magazine as "one of my favorite books on applied computer technology," this updated second edition brings you fully up-to-date on the latest developments in the data compression field. It thoroughly covers the various data compression techniques including compression of binary programs, data, sound, and graphics. Each technique is illustrated with a completely functional C program that demonstrates how data compression works and how it can be readily incorporated into your own compression programs. The accompanying disk contains the code files that demonstrate the various techniques of data compression found in the book. Table of Contents Chapter 1.           Introduction to Data Compression Chapter 2.           The Data –Compression lexicon, with a History Chapter 3.           The Dawn Age:Minimum Redundancy Coding Chapter 4.           A Significant Improvement : Adaptive Huffman Coding Chapter 5.           Huffman One Better :Arithmetic Coding Chapter 6.           Statistical Modeling Chapter 7.           Dictionary – Based Compression Chapter 8.           Sliding Window Compression Chapter 9.           LZ78 Compression Chapter 10.         Speech Compression Chapter 11.         Lossy Graphics Compression  Chapter 12.        An Archiving Package Chapter 13.         Fractal Image Compression