ISBN 9781570629358,The Deeper Dimension Of Yoga

The Deeper Dimension Of Yoga



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Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9781570629358

ISBN-10 1570629358

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Number of Pages 432 Pages
Language (English)


Here is a comprehensive survey of the full breadth and depth of the 5,000-year-old Yoga tradition, emphasizing its potent philosophy and spiritual vision. Georg Feuerstein demonstrates that Yoga is much more than a system of physical exercises--it is a profound path of self-transformation that encompasses a range of teachings, practices, and sacred texts that can help us cultivate wisdom, balance, and inner freedom, as well as physical health. Feuerstein is one of the few Western scholar-teachers of Yoga whose writing and teaching penetrate the full richness and depth of this ancient tradition. Here he offers a collection of essays touching on all facets of the discipline. Topics include: The different branches and styles of Yoga The ethical teachings of Yoga Yoga and vegetarianism Meditation and mantras Choosing a teacher Tantric Yoga The experience of ecstasy