ISBN 9789810842239,The Desi Nri - Once An Indian Always An Indian

The Desi Nri - Once An Indian Always An Indian


James Suresh






Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789810842239

ISBN-10 9810842236


Language (English)


Just like migratory birds, Indians have been flocking to different parts of the world, making a name and living for themselves. In recent years, their percentage in Singapore has catapulted to a full fledged 6-figure digit, making their presence clearly felt. Their lives in their new-found homeland have been mapped out in intricate, and rather hilarious details in the new book, The Desi NRI- Once an Indian, always an Indian, by author, NABS. The book, by an NRI herself as a peripheral voyeur, describes what goes on in the lives of the NRI, an abbreviation for the Non-Resident Indian. From their choice of food, to their not-so-innocent leisurely activities, what some of their notorious children are up to behind closed doors, why they get fat pay-cheques, and of course their relationships with the locals- the books takes the reader on a fun-filled, humorous joy ride into the world of the expatriate Indian community in Singapore. This book is a hilarious dig at our Indian friends from India who have come to overseas shores in search of a better life. These characteristics echo all over the world within the NRI community. Apart from tickling the funny-bone with real-life accounts of their sometimes weird and wacky world, the author has highlighted the ongoing conflict between the locals and expatriates. The author explains to the locals why the Indians stick in groups and clusters and also admonishes the Indians to blend into the local culture. After all, when in Rome, shouldn’t we do as the Romans do? Her intention is not to antagonize either side but to bring about a harmonious marriage of the two sides. The author is holding a mirror in the NRI's face, asking them if they can ever see themselves for what they really are. Unwittingly, the author has also lightly lifted the veil that has shrouded India and gives us a peek into the enigmatic society through the lens of the NRIs. You might take the man out of India, but you can't take the Indian out of the man. Though this book is based in Singapore, it applies to Indians all around the Globe and is a must read for all NRI's.Overseas Indians should learn to love and respect their host nation and one day contribute towards the improvement of their nation of birth that is India.