ISBN 9789381239087,The Downturn

The Downturn


Varun Soni


Zorba Publishers



Zorba Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789381239087

ISBN-10 9381239088


Number of Pages 156 Pages
Language (English)

Suspense and Thriller

Promit Bora was a name to reckon with in the real estate sector, a beat that he had become synonymous with for close to eight years. To an outsider his life as a successful journalist was one of envy - enjoying countless by lines, attention from the business community and a job with the largest business newspaper. But despite all the glitz, the glamour and the recognition, his salary sucked. He longed to relish the extravaganza that increased moolah would bring.
When an attractive offer from BDB Infrastructure came his way he couldnt resist the lure of the lucre and agreed to head its Corporate Communications Department. He thought that as a journalist he had seen it all but little did he know what was in store for him.
As fate would have it, as soon as Promit joined BDB, the economy nosedived and BDB went into a spin. What followed was a series of incredible twists and turns which often caught the owners of BDB with their pants down and which sucked Promit into the vortex of it all. Follow Promit into a journey of sex, sleaze and money.