ISBN 9789384878474,The Eighth Avatar

The Eighth Avatar


Notion Press



Notion Press

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384878474

ISBN-10 9384878472


Number of Pages 340 Pages
Language (English)

Religious & spiritual fiction

Circa 3230 Bce! Dwaparyug, The End Of The Third Age After Satyayug And Tretayug, Described In The Purans! It Was Midnight On Ashtamitithi In The Hindu Lunar Month Of Bhadrapad, Corresponding To August Of The Gregorian Calendar.

After Six Of The Darkest Nights In Seven Years When All Of His Six Brothers Were Killed Soon After Their Birth, There Came Another Such Night. Entire Mathura Mourned With Winds Howling And Dusk Giving Way To An Appalling Rainy Night. Nature Seemed To Enlighten One And All About The Birth Of The Eighth Child Specified In The Prophecy. And A God Was Born On Earth As A Mortal. Because The Rising Evil Had To Be Suppressed! He Was Krishn. The Seventh Fetus Was Transferred To Its Step-Mother'S Womb At Three Months. This Fetus, After Completion Of The Gestation Period, Was Born As The Elder Brother Of The God. The Incarnation Of Sheshnag, The King Of All Serpents And Serpent Deities, Became The Brother Of The Incarnation Of Vishnu!

Fourteen Years Of Twists And Turns, One After Another, In The Life Of Krishn! Who Were His Friends? What Games Did He Play? How Did He Grow Up? When Did He Start Playing The Flute? Who Was His Teacher? How Did He Become A Hero By The Time He Became A Teenager? Did He Commandeer An Army In The Battlefield At Fourteen? Who Was Radha? Who Was She Married To?

Krishn Awaits You.....

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