ISBN 9780121709600,The Electrical Engineering Handbook

The Electrical Engineering Handbook



Elsevier Publishing Company

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780121709600

ISBN-10 0121709604


Number of Pages 1018 Pages
Language (English)

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Table of Contents :
Section 1- Circuits ed. Krishnaiyan Thulasiraman 1- Basic Circuit Analysis, by Rajan and Sekar 2- Circuit Analysis: A Graph Theoretic Foundation, by Thulasiraman and Swamy 3- Computer Aided Design, by Opal 4- Synthesis of Networks, by Vlach 5- Nonlinear Circuits, by Trajkovic Section 2- Electronics ed. Krishna Shenai 1- Power Electronics, by Lee and Zhou 2- Noise in Analog and Digital Systems, by McShane and Shenai 3- Field Effect Transistors, by Ozturk and Misra 4- Active Filters, by Schaumann 5- Junction Diodes and Bipolar Junction Transistors, by Schroter 6- Semiconductors, by Shur 7- Power Semiconductor Devices, by Trivedi and Shenai 3 VLSI Systems ed. Magdy A. Bayoumi 1- VLSI Arithmetic, by Stouraitis 2- Memories, by Cathoor 3- Hardware Description Languages, by Huss 4- Clock Skew Scheduling for Improved Reliability, by Kourtev and Friedman 5-Low Power Technology, by Bayoumi 6- MEM's, by Zaghloul 7-Interconnect Noise Analysis and Optimization, by Elgamel and Bayoumi 8- Noise Analysis and Design in Deep Submicron, by Elgamel and Bayoumi 4 Digital Systems & Computer Engineering ed. Wai-Kai Chen 1- Computer Architecture, by Chang 2- Multiprocessors, Parallel Processors and Reconfigurable Computing, by Luk, Cheung and Constantinides 3- Configurable Computing, by Luk 4- Operating Systems, by Lien 5- Expert Systems, by Shang 6- Multimedia Systems, by Khokhar 7- Multimedia Networks and Communication, by Khokhar 8- Fault-Tolerant Computing, by Dutt 9- Petrinets, High-Level Petrinets and Applications, by Murata and He 5 Electromagnetics ed. David Yang Preface, by Yang 1 Magnetostatics, by Whites 2 Electrostatics, by Diaz 3 Plane Wave Propagation and Reflection, by Jackson 4 Transmission Lines, by Naishadham 5 Guided-Waves, by DeFlaviis 6 Antennas, by Das 7 Microwave Passive Components, by Wu, Zhu and Vahldieck 8 Computational Electromagnetics I: The Method of Moments, by Jin and Chew 9 Computational Electromagnetics II: The Finite Difference Time Domain Method, by Taflove 10 Radar and Inverse Scattering, by Li and Kiang 11 Microwave Active Circuits and Integrated Antennas, by Deal et al 6 Electric Power Systems ed. Anjan Bose Preface, by Bose 1 Three Phase Alternating Current Systems, by Bose 2 Electric Power System Components, by Bose 3 Power Transformers, by Degeneff 4 Rotating Machines, by Salon 5 High Voltage Transmission, by Gorur 6 Power Distribution, by Gonen 7 Power Systems Analysis, by Venkatasubramanian and Tomsovic 8 Power System Operation and Control, by Venkatasubramanian and Tomsovic 9 Fundamentals of Power System Protection, by Kezunovic 10 Power Quality, by Heydt 7 Signal Processing ed. Yih-Fang Huang 1 An Introduction to Signal Processing, by Ansari 2 Digital Filters, by Diniz 3 Speech Processing, by Deller 4 Image Processing, by da Silva 5 Multimedia Systems and Signal Processing, by Smith 6 Adaptive and Statistical Signal Processing, by Huang 7 VLSI Signal Processing, by Hu 8 Digital Communication and Communication Networks Authors Vijay Garg and Yih-Chen Wang 1 Signal Types, Properties and Processes 2. Analog Formatting to Digital Systems: Sampling, Quantization, Coding and Corruption 3. Transmission of Digital Data in Baseband Channels 4. Modulation and Demodulation of Baseband Signals to RF Carriers 5. Access Technologies: FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA 6. Convergence, Data Networking, Transmission, and Network Architecture 9 Control and Systems ed. Michael Sain 1 Algebraic Topics in Control, by Schrader 2 Stability, by Liu 3 Robust Multivariable Control, by Gonzalez and Kelkar 4 State Estimation, by Farrell 5 Cost Cumulants and Risk-Sensitive Control, by Won 6 Frequency Domain System Identification, by Jin 7 Modeling Components and Connections, by Liberty 8 Fault Tolerant Control, by Yen 9 Gain Scheduled Controllers, by Bett 10 Sliding Mode Control, by Yurkovich 11 Nonlinear Input/Output Control: Volterra Synthesis, by Sain 12 Intelligent Control of Nonlinear Systems with Time-Varying Structure, by Passino and Ordonez 13 Learning Controllers, by Si 14 Software Technologies for Complex Control Systems