ISBN 9788129117434,The Elemental Warriors

The Elemental Warriors


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129117434

ISBN-10 8129117436


Number of Pages 145 Pages
Language (English)


Even with all the warnings about global climate change, people tend to forget about certain fundamental actions of theirs that could make a difference: such as brushing their teeth with the tap off, recycling their tetra pack of juice, unnecessarily using private transportation for short distances, and leaving lights blazing unnecessarily. They forget that running water is precious water being wasted, recycling is necessary, leaving lights on is a waste of energy and petrol is not endless. They forget that tomorrow is another day, another time, and that earth is a living, breathing entity. This is not yet another wake-up-call-to-climate change book, nor does it list out sordid details about the irreparable effects of global warming. The author has conducted intensive research and devised a systematic plan that can be implemented by people like you and me. The Element Warriors: Air, Water, Fire and Earth is a handy guide to helping readers contributing what they can to keeping the earth clean, green and safe. About the Author Dr M Rajaram is an officer in the Indian Administrative Service with a postgraduate degree in English Literature, an Ed. in Education, a B.L. and a Ph.D. (HRD). He earlier brought out the beautiful work of English translation for Thirukkural, earning a well-deserved tribute from Dr Abdul Kalam, former President of India. His earlier books, Changing Faces of School Inspection, Towards Quality in Educational Administration and others are seminal works in the field of education.