ISBN 9781482849080,The Elementals: The Quest

The Elementals: The Quest



Partridge India

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781482849080

ISBN-10 1482849089


Number of Pages 138 Pages
Language (English)


Here is your riddle - I am greater than god. I am more evil than the devil. The poor have me, The rich need me and death comes to those who eat me.

Who am I?
I am ever hungry and live if you feed me. I am never thirsty and die if you quench me.

What am I?
I see much, but change little. I am firm, irresolute, Powerful, but gentle, I have enough strength to rip apart mountains, Yet be moved by gentle stirrings, I am life itself and I give life to others.

Who am I?
Im a five letter word that has no end, One through three can amend, One, four and five are something alive, Two and three occur near thee.

What am I?
I am light as a feather, Yet no man can hold me for long. My presence causes life, My absence death. I welcome the day with a show of light, I steathily came here in the night. I bathe the earthy stuff at dawn, But by the noon, alas! Im gone.

The last, but not the least, little one - Lighter than what I am made of, More of me is hidden than is seen, I am the bane of the mariner, A tooth within the sea. Speak my name.