ISBN 9780679722038,The Emperor: Downfall Of An Autocrat

The Emperor: Downfall Of An Autocrat



Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

Publication Year 1989

ISBN 9780679722038

ISBN-10 0679722033


Number of Pages 176 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Haile Selassie, King of Kings, Elect of God, Lion of Judah, His Most Puissant Majesty and Distinguished Highness the Emperor of Ethiopia, reigned from 1930 until he was overthrown by the army in 1974. While the fighting still raged, Ryszard Kapuscinski, Poland's leading foreign correspondent, traveled to Ethiopia to seek out and interview Selassie's servants and closest associates on how the Emperor had ruled and why he fell. This sensitive, powerful. . .history (The New York Review of Books) is Kapuscinski's rendition of their accounts--humorous, frightening, sad, groteque--of a man living amidst nearly unimaginable pomp and luxury while his people teetered netween hunger and starvation.