ISBN 9780553815856,The Enemy

The Enemy


Lee Child


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780553815856

ISBN-10 0553815857


Number of Pages 560 Pages
Language (English)

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The Enemy revolves around the death of the Army General Ken Kramer. As Jack Reacher investigates the death, too much information comes to light. In fact, Reacher's own job in endangered because of the investigation. Reacher arrives at the scene of murder along with his female associate. He gathers that a woman who Kramer met at the time of death had robbed Kramer's briefcase. Reacher leaves the hotel to meet Mrs. Kramer. But before he reaches her home, Mrs. Kramer is murdered. He tries talking to the owner of the saloon opposite to the motel. But an argument leads to a fight, and Reacher assaults the owner. In the meantime, the motel manager tells him that he heard a military vehicle in the motel's garage at the time of Kramer's death. Reacher rummages through the briefcase and finds that Kramer has been contacted by a female army agent. Meanwhile, General Vassell, Colonel Coomer and their errand boy Major Marshall are after some secret document that Kramer possessed. Who are the soldiers Carbone and Brubaker? What happens to them? What kind of a complaint is lodged against Reacher? How are the murderers behind the killings of the soldiers discovered? How does Reacher react to some of the information he unearths? Does Reacher solve the crime? Who killed Kramer? What is it that he had that is wanted by many in positions of power? This book answers these questions and more. About Lee Child Lee Child, originally Jim Grant, is a British fiction author who writes thriller novels. Killing Floor, Die Trying, Echo Burning, and Tripwire are some of the other novels written by Child. Grant was born in Coventry, in 1954. Grant's father was a civil servant. Grant also joined law school and worked backstage in a theatre and after graduating joined a commercial television channel. Grant's younger brother Andrew Grant is also a thriller writer.