ISBN 9780553394757,The Essential Batman Encyclopedia

The Essential Batman Encyclopedia


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9780553394757

ISBN-10 0553394754


Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)


The Ultimate Guide To The Man Behind The Mask . . . And The Mythology Behind The Man. "Criminals Are A Superstitious, Cowardly Lot. So My Disguise Must Be Able To Strike Terror Into Their Hearts. I Must Be A Creature Of The Night, Black, Terrible. . . . I Shall Become A Bat!" So Declared Millionaire Industrialist Bruce Wayne, Orphaned As A Boy By A Murderous Thug And Driven As A Man To Battle The Scourge Of Crime By Becoming Batman. Batman Swooped Into Popular Culture In 1939-And For Nearly Seventy Years Has Thrilled Audiences In Countless Comics, Live-Action And Animated Television Programs, And Seven Feature Films. Prowling The Darkened Rooftops Of Gotham City, Roaring Through The Teeming Streets In The Sleek, High-Powered Batmobile, And Leaping Into Action When The Iconic Bat-Signal Pierces The Night Sky, The Caped Crusader Is A Larger-Than-Life Legend. And Now, For The First Time In More Than Thirty Years, Everything There Is To Know About Batman-From The Beginning To The Present, And From A To Z-Is Collected In One Comprehensive New Sourcebook. More Than 500 Pages Of Entries And Illustrations Include: Fascinating Details And The Complete Background On Batman'S Origins Biographies Of Every Major Character In The Batman Universe-Including His Closest Allies, From Robin The Boy Wonder And Faithful Butler Alfred Pennyworth To Commissioner Gordon; And His Countless Enemies, From The Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, And The Riddler To Scarecrow, Two-Face, Ra'S Al Ghul And Poison Ivy Classic Black-And-White Comic Book Artwork Throughout Two Sixteen-Page Full-Color Artwork Inserts Even An All-Access Pass To The Batcave Couldn'T Rival Former Dc Comics Editor And Batman Scholar Extraordinaire Robert Greenberger'S Exhaustive Ultimate Archive. The Essential Batman Encyclopedia Is A Must For Every Batman Fan'S Bookshelf. Batman, The Dc Logo, And All Related Names, Characters And Elements Are Trademarks Of Dc Comics 2008. All Rights Reserved.