ISBN 9780751512748,The Essential Calvin And Hobbes: Calvin & Hobbes Series: Book Three

The Essential Calvin And Hobbes: Calvin & Hobbes Series: Book Three


Little Brown



Little Brown

Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9780751512748

ISBN-10 0751512745


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)
Calvin is an ordinary young boy. He despises having his hair combed down by his mom for those boring family portraits, he loves pretending his mother packs him worm sandwiches for lunch just to gross out the new girl at school, he hopes that one day his mom will trust him enough to buy him his very own flamethrower. He sets out one day to catch a wild tiger, much to his parents’ amusement. So when he returns with a wild tiger named Hobbes, he is only surprised that his parents aren’t dropping dead from the shock. Why, they pretend like Hobbes was just a stuffed animal! Couldn’t they see that he was a feral beast, capable of carnal harm and total evisceration of the human form? So why don’t they help him fend off the terrifying beast as he jumps on Calvin every day he returns from that despicable madhouse adults call a school? Calvin’s concerns are the concerns of all kids, for he wonders why his father isn’t getting impeached. He surely deserves to, in Calvin’s opinion, the polls aren’t looking too good. He doesn’t believe Calvin when he tells him there’s something drooling beneath his bed, and he definitely doesn’t trust Calvin to stay home alone and take care of himself. There was that one time he submerged the living room in water but that’s something that could happen to any kid!