ISBN 9788132118459,The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project

The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788132118459

ISBN-10 8132118456

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Number of Pages 320 Pages
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Social work

Social and community development practise makes a persuasive case for employing a social development approach to community development practise at local and village levels. Towards this end, the book offers a conceptual clarity of social and community development (SCD) by adding new dimensions. It also shows the significance of social policy education for social and community development workers and the need for expanding community development practise from local levels to international levels. The author argues that the social work profession itself needs to quickly reorganise and strengthen. It needs to consider alternative modes of preparing social workers and community organisers who can reach out at local levels. The profession also needs to develop indigenous ethical standards for SCD practise. The authors deep reflections reveal the dire need to refocus on SCD practise to address major issues such as poverty and inequality plaguing vast populations around the world. TABLE OF CONTENTS : - List of Tables, Figures and Boxes List of Abbreviations Foreword David Cox Preface I: Social and Community Development (SCD) Practise A Social Development Approach Local - Level Community Development Values and Principles Dynamics of Community Development Practise II: Education for Social Policy and International SCD Social Policy Education for SCD Workers International SCD Curricula for Training Social Workers III: Developing the Social Work Profession for SCD Practise Adapting the Social Work Profession - Some Issues and Prospects SCD Education through Distance Mode-an Unexplored Potential Social Work's Code of Ethics and Ethics - Based SCD Practise IV: The Future of SCD Social Work and SCD Practise - Reflections and Foreflections Acknowledgements Bibliography Index