ISBN 9788188204892,The Eternal Spring

The Eternal Spring


Idrak Bhatty


Mapin Publishing



Mapin Publishing

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788188204892

ISBN-10 8188204897


Number of Pages 300 Pages
Language (English)


Urdu poetry is a universe of lustrous pictures that presents in words of varying hue, a delicacy of thought, and depth of meaning. Every word, every simile and metaphor bears within itself a whole world of meaning, and thus is the virtue of a great language that represents a celebrated civilisation. This is the kind of poetry that can be rendered easily into English without hurting its poetic quality because it is free of the unnecessary ornamentation common to all eastern poetry. Like most Indians of the current age, Idrak Bhatty too has been nurtured in both eastern and western cultures. The accent of these poems has its own distinctive identity; their rhythm and idiom reflecting contemporary awareness. The audio CD includes a selection of poignant ghazals recited by Tom Alter, Uday Chandra and Chandar Khanna.

About the Author
Idrak Bhatty developed an early love for Urdu and was influenced by Majaaz, one of the greatest modern Urdu poets. Pritam Bhatty is an artist who has had several solo and group shows in India and abroad. She lives and works in Nagpur. Uday Chandra is a classical Hindustani singer and a veteran of films, television, and stage. Chandar Khanna is an actor in films, television, and on stage and also produces and directs short feature films. Tom Alter is a dear friend of Uday and Chandar and shaagird of Idrak Bhatty. All three received their diplomas in film acting, from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, in 1974.

Table of Contents
Tents of Snow
Thought That Was Not
Magical Moment
The Glass Wall
The Face of Revolution-Kabul1973
The Face of Revolution-Kabul 1978
The Face of Revolution-Kabul2002
The Gulf War
They Know Not
Hollow Deeds
Dew Drop
Shifting Shadows
Far Over the Horizon
Time and Life
In Remembrance
I Was There
Studded Diamonds
Black Snow
You and
Wings of a Teal
Faces of the Wind
Wounded Eyes
Spots of Blood
For Lyala
That Word
You Will Come
The Nuptial Knot
Fragrance of the Garden Breeze
A Song

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