ISBN 9788126514373,The Ethical Challenge

The Ethical Challenge


Noel M. Tichy


Andrew R. McGill



Andrew R. McGill

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788126514373

ISBN-10 812651437X


Language (English)

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This book candidly highlights the dilemmas business leaders are facing, the decisions some are making, and the reasoning that all must contemplate. Readers will follow current leaders as they form their own ethical foundations, integrate them into their business decisions, and ultimately make the tough calls. It reassures readers that the answers are neither easy, nor without consequences. It also offers numerous examples that will help readers think through their own ethical challenges. About the Author Noel M. Tichy- author of the best-selling The Leadership Engine and the Cycle of Leadership- is a professor of organizational behavior and human resource management at the University of Michigan Business School, where he is director of the Global Leadership Program and the Global Business Partnership. His consulting clients have included Citibank, Exxon, General Motors, Hitachi, IBM, Pepsico, Royal Dutch Shell, and other international corporations. Andrew R. McGill is director of the Global Business Partnership at the University of Michigan Business School, where he is also adjunct associate professor of organizational behavior and human resource management. His research focuses on organizations changing to better serve their customers and he consults widely on the topic in the health care, financial services, technology, and automotive industries. Table of Contents A Special Thanks Introduction: Teaching Your Values and Ethics Will Plant Them Across Your Organization (Noel M. Tichy, Andrew R. McGill) Part 1: The Abuse Business Ethics Reality Stunned Americans as Enron, Others Misled Investors and Employees (Andrew R. McGill) Ethics and Culture of ServiceMaster Sustain Important Values Over Time (C. William Pollard) Sustaining Business Ethics Requires Teachable Point of View (Jonathan Ward) Business Ethics in Skeptical Times (James A. Baker III) Peripheral Issues Can Evolve; Core Ethics Must Be Stable (C. K. Prahalad) We Need Great Leader-Teachers with Great Skills & High Ethics (Robert E. Knowling Jr.) Ethics Honor One's Self In Your Business Behavior (Robert Dolan) Part 2: The Aftermath Values: The Best Tools to Lead a Large Global Organization (Jeffrey Immelt) Competence Without Credibility Won't Win in the Long Run (Anjan Thakor) Leadership Dilemmas: Ethical Challenges Can Make or Break a CEO (James Hackett) Ethics and Fundamental Decisions: The Internally Directed and Other-Focused Mindset (Robert Quinn) Superstar Entrepreneur Meets Todays High-Bar Ethics: How Trilogy Is a Very Different Software Company (Joe Liemandt) Ethics, Virtuousness, and Constant Change (Kim Cameron) The Best Ethical Choices Come When Long-Term Impact Rules (Tim Fort) Part 3: The Ethical Future Students Meet Ethical Dilemmas in Their Workplace Challenges (Noel M. Tichy and Six MBA Students) Ethical Markets Are Essential for Trust, Global Development (E. LaBrent Chrite) Living Beautiful Values Every Day Makes Focus: HOPE Special (Eleanor Josaitis) Corporate Global Citizenship: The Ethical Path for Business (Noel M. Tichy, Andrew R. McGill) Acknowledgments The Authors Index