ISBN 9788126531042,The Excel Analyst's Guide To Access

The Excel Analyst's Guide To Access



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788126531042

ISBN-10 8126531045


Number of Pages 624 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

 This book offers a comprehensive review of the wide array of analytical and reporting functionality that Access has to offer. In this effort the author shows how to effectively use Access for data transformation and analysis, how to efficiently movie and analyze data across applications, and how to use Access's native reporting tools to synthesize data into visually compelling dashboards and reports. 

Then the readers will get a look at the integration techniques that can be performed using Excel and Access. Along with step-by-step instruction, this book provides practical, real world, scenarios that show the benefits of integrating Excel and Access. 

Special Features

  • The only book to focus on the hardcore data analysis and reporting capabilities within Access with Excel

  • Provides the Excel analyst Access' rich analytical and reporting capabilittes and how to apply them to business situations

  • Shows how combining the utility of these two Office powerhouses, Excell and Access, can save tiem, and enchance data anlysis and reporting

About the AuthorM
Mike Alexander is the author of several books on advanced business analysis. He has more than 15 years experience consulting and developing reporting solutions for a variety of industries. In addition to consulting, Mike is also serves as the principle contributor at, where he shares free video tutorials with the Microsoft Excel and Access communities. Mike has been named a Microsoft MVP for his ongoing contributions to the Excel community.



  • Introduction.

Part I Fundamentals of Data Analysis in Access.

  • Chapter 1 The Case for Data Analysis in Access.

  • Chapter 3 Beyond Select Queries.

Part II Basic Analysis Techniques.

  • Chapter 4 Transforming Your Data with Access.

  • Chapter 5 Working with Calculations and Dates.

  • Chapter 6 Performing Conditional Analysis.

Part III Advanced Analysis Techniques.

  • Chapter 7 Adding Dimension with Subqueries and Domain Aggregate Functions.

  • Chapter 8 Running Descriptive Statistics in Access.

  • Chapter 9 Scheduling and Running Batch Analysis.

  • Chapter 10 Leveraging VBA to Enhance Data Analysis.

Part IV Reports, Dashboards, and Visualization in Access.

  • Chapter 11 Presenting Data with Access Reports.

  • Chapter 12 Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in Access.

  • Chapter 13 Enhancing Queries and Reports with Visualizations.

Part V Advanced Excel and Access Integration Techniques.

  • Chapter 14 Getting Access Data into Excel.

  • Chapter 15 Using VBA to Move Data between Excel and Access.

  • Chapter 16 Exploring Excel and Access Automation.

  • Chapter 17 Integrating Excel and Access with XML.

  • Chapter 18 Integrating Excel and Other Office Applications.

Part VI Appendixes.

  • Appendix A Access VBA Fundamentals.

  • Appendix B Understanding and Using SQL.

  • Appendix C Query Performance, Database Corruption, and Other Thoughts.

  • Appendix D Data Analyst's Function Reference.

  • Index.