ISBN 9781590305218,The Experience of Samadhi

The Experience of Samadhi



Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781590305218

ISBN-10 1590305213

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Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)

Religion & Culture

This book offers an in-depth look at the foundational aspect of Buddhist meditation known as samadhi, or concentration: the ability of the mind to remain calm and settled without distraction. In part one of the book, Richard Shankman looks at the range of views and understandings about the experience of samadhi and offers a comprehensive examination of it using teachings attributed to the Buddha as well as later commentaries. He compares the diverse descriptions and presentations of samadhi in order to present a broad understanding of it and its place in meditation practice. He examines different, often conflicting, views and how these various views are related.In part two, he presents a series of interviews with prominent contemporary Buddhist teachers, including Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, and Christina Feldman, that focus on the practical experience of samadhi. This section of the book brings the theoretical to life, offering a range of approaches to and applications of the different meditation techniques.