ISBN 9780755390755,The Faithless

The Faithless



Headline Book Publishing

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780755390755

ISBN-10 075539075X

Paper Back

Number of Pages 528 Pages
Language (English)

Action & Adventure

The Faithless is a raw and honest account of Cynthia Tailor, a selfish and deeply unhappy woman. Cynthia Tailor is a woman everyone envy's--she has a devoted and loving husband, a lovely home, and two adorable children. But she is completely dissatisfied with whatever she has and craves for the best and the finest things in life. Cynthia is determined to get whatever she wants and nothing can stand in her way, even if it means complete devastation and wrecking the lives of those dearest to her, including her husband, children, sister and parents. However, Cynthia's children bear the brunt of all her actions. For James and Gabby, the pain she causes will stay with them for a lifetime. How will the children cope with the insatiable desires of their mother?

About Martina Cole

Martina Cole is a British crime writer, businesswoman and a television presenter. She has authored seventeen crime novels, some of which are based on London's gangster underworld. Most of her novels feature a female protagonist or an antihero. Some of her best-known novels are Dangerous Lady, The Ladykiller, The Jump and The Runaway