ISBN 9780340910832,The Famous Five 4-6

The Famous Five 4-6



Hachette Book Publishing

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780340910832

ISBN-10 0340910836

Paper Back

Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Action & Adventure

Famous Five Three In One: Five Go To Smuggler's Top, Five Go Off In A Caravan, And Five On Kirrin Island Again, contains three adventures of the popular children's detective series.

In Five Go To Smuggler's Top, the children and Timmy are staying at Smuggler's Top with Uncle Quentin's friend, Mr Lenoir. The house is on Castaway Hill, and Mr Lenoir's stepson Sooty tells the five about the secret passages that lie inside of the hill. Uncle Quentin visits them, but he gets kidnapped along with Sooty. Will the Famous Five be able to find their uncle?

In Five Go Off In A Caravan, the five decide to hire caravans, and follow a circus that is going up to rest in the hills. Two men shout at them when they visit the circus camp site, so the five set up their own camp further up the hills. Later, the two men politely ask them to return to their original spot. The children refuse, and become suspicious. They keep an eye on the men, and soon find the two of them trying to move the Famous Five's caravan in order to get something underneath. Soon the children fall into an underground adventure!

In Five On Kirrin Island Again, the children find out that Uncle Quentin has decided to work on Kirrin Island. On the mainland, the five meet Martin, a sullen sixteen year old boy. One day they see distress signals from Uncle Quentin. The five rush to the island, and leave Timmy behind to keep guard. However, George feels that something is not quite right, and sneaks off to the island in the middle of the night. What will Julian, Dick, and Anne do now?

The Famous Five series has twenty-one novels, and is one of the highest selling children's series of all time, and has sold more than a hundred million copies till date.

About Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton, born in 1897, was an English author. She also wrote under the pseudonym Mary Pollock.

She has written 800 books, some of which are Child Whispers, Responsive Singing Games, The Bad Little Monkey and The Adventures of Binkle and Flip.

Blyton wrote detective stories, boarding school stories, and fantasies.

In 1918, she completed her training to become a Kindergarten teacher. In 1950, she opened Darrell Waters Limited, her own copyright holding company. Three years later, she started the Enid Blyton's Magazine. The author is the creator of Noddy, The Secret Seven, and The Five Find-Outers. Blyton's books have sold 600 million copies worldwide, and have been translated into ninety languages. She passed away in London in 1968.