ISBN 9788184081381,The First Time Sales Manager

The First Time Sales Manager



Indiana Publishing House

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788184081381

ISBN-10 8184081383

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Language (English)

Sales Management

This is a thoroughly updated new edition of a wellused and popular book.

Sales managers are trainednot born. The book is designed to meet that training need. Written for those about to take on new responsibilities, perhaps as a first major Career step, it will also help existing managers who seek to extend their role and performance.

The Firsttime Sales Manager deals with a range of Topics including :

Managingnot selling; the differences between sales management and selling, dealing with bosses, colleagues and staff, administration, computers and sales planning.
What a sales manager does and how to do it well : interviewing, training, leadership, motivating; controls, reports and records, monitoring the Competition and Business planning.
Marketing and Strategic direction : basic marketing principles, pricing, Product development, packaging, promotions, exhibitions.
How to handle problems : personal, ethical, legal...the range is wide.

The book is fully supported with checksheets, working documents and useful exercises.

About the Author
Jeremy Thorn is Chairman of QED Consulting, specialising in strategy development and management training. He developed his expertise in the UK and the USA, in international Marketing consultancy, sales and marketing directorships and as MD of a multinational Engineering group. He is author of several internationally published Books on business, including How to Negotiate better Deals and Developing your Career in Management, both published by MB2000.