ISBN 9781594771156,The Forbidden Rumi

The Forbidden Rumi



Inner Traditions

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781594771156

ISBN-10 1594771154


Number of Pages 167 Pages
Language (English)


44,000 verses were compiled in 23 volumes by Rumi's followers when he began to speak instinctively in the language of poetry, and it was collectively called the Divan. Nevit Ergin, along with the participation and encouragement of the Turkish Government, brought out the first 22 volumes in English. But the last volume was not supported by the Government of Turkey as the verses were amenably heretical in nature. But Ergin has collaborated with Will Johnson and has brought out the final volume in English. The book is divided into three sections: Songs to shams and God, Songs of Heresy, and Songs of Advice and Admonition. Rumi's thoughts are bare truths, and brutally honest for orthodox minds. The Forbidden Rumi brings out his simple, outright thoughts about transforming our boundless consciousness from the deep-rooted habits and ways of life into new and liberating ones. About the Authors Nevit O. Ergin is the translator of Divan-I Kebir. Nevit and Will Johnson have together authored The Forbidden Rumi and The Rubais of Rumi. Nevit follows Sufism and lives in California. He is basically a Turkish-born surgeon. He is the Founder of The Society for Understanding Mevlana.

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