ISBN 9780070704046,The Future Manger

The Future Manger


Satish Khanna


Tata Mcgraw Hill



Tata Mcgraw Hill

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780070704046

ISBN-10 007070404X


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 150 Pages
Language (English)


Create a dream team that eats, drinks and breathes the same dream; Act together and decisively to convert the common dream into reality and earn a great celebration; Get busy again to have yet another and an even bigger dream to create reason for an even more grandeur celebration; Continuity of this cycle is what can be called Dreamaction to create future of choice; Minds are never empty, but are closed at times, and hopefully this book would open up and ignite some such minds to first conceive and then achieve big dreams through the process of Dreamaction. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Can Money Buy Happiness? 2. Alphabet of Dream Team Philosophy 3. China a Threat or an Opportunity 4. Control Middle Lines to Get Bottom Line 5. Change Management: A Continuous Challenge 6. Bouncing Back from Crisis 7. Managing through Economic Crisis 8. Motherocracy in Entrepreneurs 9. Ethicality and Efficiency of Excellence 10. Value the Value Capital 11. Leadership is to Create Leaders 12. VSOP: Variety, Speciality, Originality and Personality 13. Negotiations through Multiple Tracks 14. Power of Focus 15. Building Lean, Clean, Full of Steam Team 16. Zoom in, Zoom out in Imagination 17. Invisible Spirit to Create Visible Impact 18. Consolidation Unavoidable 19. Connecting Islands of Excellence 20. Competitor also a Teacher 21. Technology and Innovation: A Divya Astra 22. Continuous Relearning 23. Visualize through Unconventional Angle 24. Good Soul is Human Chip 25. Never-give-up Attitude 26. Corporate Culture DNA 27. Mighty Twenty Words 28. Mighty Twenty Initiatives

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