ISBN 9788129112965,The Geometry Of God: A Novel

The Geometry Of God: A Novel


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Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788129112965

ISBN-10 8129112965


Number of Pages 125 Pages
Language (English)

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While paleontologist Zahoor studies prehistoric whales, General Zia launches a campaign to Islamise knowledge. The teaching of evolution is banned. Nothing is discovered; all is revealed. On a fossil dig in the Salt Range of Pakistan, Zahoor's granddaughter Amal stumbles upon a clump of rock. No one knows it yet, but she has unearthed the very thing that orthodoxy denies. At home, bad news awaits: Amal's baby sister Mehwish has become blind. Amal must sacrifice her aspirations to become Mehwish's eyes. Through Amal, Mehwish learns to 'read' with her fingertips, discovering a world both magical and terrifying. What is 'revealed' takes on new resonance.