ISBN 9789384030971,The Girl Who Didnt Give Up

The Girl Who Didnt Give Up


Tranquebar Press



Tranquebar Press

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384030971

ISBN-10 938403097X


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)


We are alone here. We do not know what is happeningoutside....

Whoever you are, please help us. Please, God, help us.When economics professor Krishna decides to move for a fewmonths to Goa from the US, he hopes to be able to do someresearch, and perhaps try and recover from the death of his wife.

But in the house he rents, he finds a roll of papers which hediscovers is the diary of a ten-year-old girl, Suchitra. Throughthe heartrending entries, he discovers that she is one of severalyoung children brought to Goa as part of a paedophile ringrun by someone clearly influential.

Krishna's decision to try and find the girl propels him intoa web of intrigues and machinations. As he tries to grapplehis way in a world far outside his field of experience, he mustdecide who to trust, what secrets to keep, and most of all, howhe can bring some justice to a little girl.
About the author
Shashi Warrier was born in 1959, and, after completing a Master'sdegree in economics, tried his hand at many professions thathad nothing to do with economics. After progressing in fits andstarts through journalism, consulting, computer software, projectmanagement, and so on, he settled down to write novels. He likesyoga, motorcycles, Hindustani music, and good thrillers, and islearning to cook. His most memorable achievement has been a solo40-day 11,000 km motorbike ride around India. He now lives inMangalore with his painter-writer wife Prita, their three dogs anda cat.